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The CHS 24/7 Helpline relies on external funding. Tax efficient donations can be made via the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium and the United States.
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22 February 2018
The ever changing nature of the world today, from the global demographic to the climate is creating a new wave of challenges. The development in health and science is leading to a higher life expectancy, which is producing a growing middle class eager to consume. This growth of consumers, is pressuring the worlds natural resources. This is leading to a positive evolution of our sources of energy, however it is also leading to the rise of global warming and the severe damage to the planet.

These challenges are leading companies to take on an innovative role in order to overcome such hurdles.. The roles of energy efficiency and green mobility, combined with water and air treatment are becoming increasingly important in the international community.

Join the British Chamber and BNP Paribas Fortis to learn more about how you can combine sustainable investment with solid financial performances.
08 January 2018
The Community Help Service Office is open to receive your calls 10:00 - 16:00, Monday - Friday at 02 647 67 80.