CHS Helpline callers

  • Our callers generally live in Belgium and are able to speak English.
  • Our callers are all ages.
  • Our callers call for a large variety of reasons, mainly for some kind of emotional support.
  • Our callers choose exactly how much or how little information to disclose about themselves.
  • Our callers have reported feeling safe when talking to us and appreciate the importance of a listening ear.

CHS Helpline volunteers

  • All volunteers are selected and trained by the CHS clinical team.
  • Volunteers are monitored and supported by the CHS clinical team during their time as a volunteer.
  • Volunteers do not disclose any personal information as all calls are anonymous and confidential.
  • Volunteering for the CHS Helpline is a very rewarding experience.

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CHS telephone Helpline: 02 648 40 14

"I’ve been a volunteer on the Helpline for over 5 years. For many callers it’s difficult to talk initially and there are gaps for tears, but gradually a story comes together. Sometimes when they end the call, they are calm and express gratitude. Basically, I have done nothing but listen. I haven’t solved world poverty but someone in Belgium is feeling better and that’s why I volunteer."

Helpline Volunteer