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The CHS 24/7 Helpline relies on external funding. Tax efficient donations can be made via the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium and the United States.
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CHS Latest News & Events

21 January 2020

Do you have long term plans to stay in Brussels and/or would you like to invest in real estate? Are there still some unanswered questions that prevent you from taking the step:

- What is the purchasing process like?
- Which are the tax implications ?
- Buying an old or new property ?
- Buying to live or buying to let?
- Which are the right areas: trends and prices ?
- How to start your search?
- How to close a mortgage ?

Then come and join the Bright Expats and KBC Brussels' first conference of the cycle dedicated to Living in Belgium. You will hear Pierre Goffin, private Wealth Contact from CBRE disclosing the 'need-to-know' guidelines for purchasing real estate in Brussels. 

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 8:30 AM – 10 AM

Location: Bright Expats Brussels
Avenue de Broqueville 40, 1200 Brussels, Belgium

Reserve a spot and confirm details to attend

16 January 2020

Does your child or student have organizational problems and/or executive functions difficulties?
Have you read about different methods and strategies hoping they would help you with every day challenges, only to be disappointed?
Is doing homework or dinner time a daily struggle for your ASD or ADHD child?
Do you struggle to ensure your ADHD or ASD student follows the daily routines in school?
Do you have difficulties managing your child's or student's emotional meltdowns and tantrums?
Is social interaction and friendship management an obstacle for your child's development?

If you have faced any of these situations or similar ones, the SBI method is for you! 

By the end of a SBI workshop you will have the strategies to provide individualized solutions
to each difficult situation your child or student faces. 

The SBI Method, developed by Dr. Bruhl, is based on behavioural intervention aimed at
enabling carers of children and adolescents with neuro-developmental disorders
such as ASD, ADHD, and other executive function difficulties, to have
tailor-made practical guidance and strategies to support them.

Who is this for?

Parents and support teachers of children and teenagers with ASD, ADHD and/or executive functions difficulties.

Visit: for more information.

Upcoming workshop: Saturday, March 28th 2020

Registration and Practical Information

Target audience: Parents with children/adolescents diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and/or executive functions difficulties and Anxiety related disorders.

Time: The workshop starts at 9.30am until 5.00pm.

Address: CHS (Community Help Service)​ Avenue des Phalènes 26, 1000 Brussels.

Price: €200,00 per person.

The price includes:

  • Manual for parents with concrete strategies that can applied at home.
  • Lunch and coffee.
  • Individualised attention to each parent's needs.

Email us on
: [email protected]

Call us on: +32 (0) 470.39.49.22.

We will be happy to provide you with more details about the workshop and to answer any questions..