Cross Border Connections: CHS & Castle Craig Hospital

CHS is happy to be building a good working relationship with Castle Craig, a leading alcohol and drug addiction treatment clinic based in the Scottish border country, near Edinburgh. Their abstinence-based approach, integrating the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, has been shown to be highly effective in the 25 years that this residential Centre has been established.

Castle Craig has been running outpatient clinics in the Netherlands for a number of years, and has an aftercare programme there for people returning from a course of treatment in Scotland. The clinic now plans to extend its service to the large English-speaking population in Belgium, working with local psychiatrists, general practitioners and occupational health professionals who see the need for a reputable addiction treatment clinic for their clients.

The coming into force of the new EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare (October 2013) means that all EU citizens are able to benefit from healthcare in any other EU Member State and claim the eligible costs back. 

At a Reception held in Brussels on Wednesday October 23, Castle Craig’s Chairman, Peter McCann, talked about the wide ranging implications in the field of addiction treatment that the new Directive brings. For Castle Craig it opens the possibility of offering treatment in Scotland that will complement the service available in Belgium.

For more information about Castle Craig, including their international presence, see their website or (Dutch language). For Dutch and Belgian enquiries about admission, please call +31 70 34 56 028.


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