11 months ago the idea of making a short documentary about the impact of Brexit on Brits in Belgium brought members of BABBS (the online 'Brexit and the Belgian Brits' community) together to crowdfund and make 'Here We Are".  

The film gently explores the topics of identity, belonging and reactions to loss, through personal stories. The testimonies highlight a range of emotions and consequences for European Brits flowing from Brexit.

Director Anny Tubbs also examines how participants remain resilient and what gives them hope going forward. Panelists will comment and take part in a Q&A with the audience on issues raised by the film.

Here We Are - will screen at 18.00 on 16 October and be followed by a panel discussion.

View The Bulletin article here: https://www.thebulletin.be/documentary-here-we-are-details-plight-british-citizens-belgium