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CHS Helpline restored and ready to take your call at 02 648 40 14

CHS telephone Helpline: 02 648 40 14. Anonymous and confidential. Available 24/7. We listen without judgement. We support you through times of mild frustration, loneliness, anxiety, divorce, bereavement , thoughts of suicide and more. We also have a database full of English speaking services to help you. 

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Brussels New Generation Charity Pub Quiz for CHS!

Mark your calendars for Monday, 29 May 2017  at 19:30!

The famous Brussels New Generation Charity Pub Quiz is back for another fun and challenging after-work event supporting Community Help Service (CHS), a non-profit organisation assisting people with mental health problems in Brussels.

This time, we will be hosted by James Joyce Irish Pub near Schuman metro station.

This is definitely not a night to miss, so make sure to sign up your teams (max. 4/team), and prove your knowledge, while enjoying some drinks with your friends and colleagues.

Are you new to Brussels? Want to meet new people? Do not hesitate to register to the quiz individually and we will pair you with other participants!

You can also bring your take-away meal of choice to the pub, so make sure to pick up a pizza or a Thai on your way!

For all information and to register click here

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Learning differently: Help available for expat parents and children

​CHS' Dr. Kwan-Yin Bruhl has contributed her expertise to the Xpats blog and is featured in The Bulletin's 2017 spring magazine; An insider's guide to life in Belgium.

Dr Kwan Bruhl from Ghana has worked as a clinical and cognitive psychologist at Brussels' Community Help Service (CHS) since 2014. She explains some of the issues expat parents and children can be faced with at a new school in a new country. 

" "There is support available for children who find mainstream schooling difficult, and parents shouldn't shy away from seeking an assessment",says Dr Kwan Bruhl"

For the full feature, click here

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ING Expat Event: Expat Financial Planning: Products, taxation, planning

Have questions related to your status as an expat in Belgium? ING organises regular workshops on a range of topics, to help you find your way through the labyrinth!

On Thursday, the 11th of May 2017, at 5:30 pm, get your questions answered about financial planning. Additionally, CHS will also be there to provide information and answer questions about the services we offer in support of our international community. 

For more information or to register for this event,  click here

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International Day of Safety & Health at Work

International Day of Safety & Health at Work coming up this Friday, the 28th of April. To highlight the issues, The British Chamber of Commerce has featured an article written by one of our own CHS therapists.

..."The World Health Organization defines positive mental health as "a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community. Employees with good mental health will perform better in their work. Work is excellent for both our mental and physical health. Research has consistently shown that good quality work can boost and protect health.

Features of working life that are known to promote mental health include:

  • Being valued at work
  • Having meaningful work
  • Being able to make decisions on issues that affect you
  • Being adequately trained for the work that you do
  • Having the resources you need to do the work
  • Having a job that is well designed and not overloaded
  • Having work that is well organised in terms of work schedules and time off "...

For the full article, click here

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