About us

Community Help Service (CHS) is a non-profit organisation established in 1971 as a resource for the English-speaking expatriate population of Belgium. Since then it has developed its telephone Helpline, its Mental Health Centre and its Educational Testing Services to encompass the many different expatriate communities in Belgium who find it easier to use English rather than one of the official languages of Belgium. Since CHS has been in existence it has built up an expertise, second to none, in providing solutions, through therapeutic support, to the range of difficulties encountered by the people who turn to it in times of stress.

CHS clients come from all parts of the world. They call the Helpline if they are facing a crisis in their lives, or if they have a straightforward request for information. They come in for therapy, or they seek testing for children with learning difficulties or emotional problems. The Helpline is staffed by a team of trained and dedicated volunteers as is the CHS administrative office. The Mental Health Centre is staffed by a team of health care professionals – psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists. By contacting CHS, clients take the first steps toward understanding and adjusting to the demands of life as an expatriate. It can take just one phone call to help someone through a crisis, or set up a course of therapeutic treatment.