Since 1971, our Mental Health Services Centre has been serving the international community in Belgium, providing help to anyone in need of therapeutic support in times of stress. We welcome clients of all ages, from different backgrounds, nationalities and walks of life. We have a diverse team of professionals with many different nationalities.

Our psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists come from different disciplines and have a wide range of professional experience. This diversity enables us to better match the type of therapy we offer to your specific needs. For further details of those needs click here. You can benefit from the input of other professionals and, if required, you can see different practitioners within the CHS clinical team.

Everyone on our two teams – Adults; Children, Adolescents and Family - offers consultations in English. We can also offer therapy in a range of other languages, such as French, Dutch, German, Catalan, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish, although we cannot always guarantee availability.