Definition of Roles

To help you understand the different roles that the psychiastrist, the psychologist, the psychotherapist and the psychoanalyst play, we offer the following brief definitions.

Psychiatrist: a medically qualified physician who specialises in the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. The psychiatrist can prescribe medication if required. Our psychiatrists have also been trained as psychotherapists.

Psychologist: a person who has university training in psychology. A psychologist may work in a university, in industry, in schools, companies, hospitals and/or private practice. All of our psychologists are clinical psychologists; they have been trained in the assessment and psychological treatment (psychotherapy) of mental disorders and psychological problems.

Psychotherapist: a person trained in psychotherapy. The literal meaning of psychotherapy is healing the mind or the soul. Nowadays, the meaning of psychotherapy is broadened to become healing the mind by psychological methods that are applied by suitably trained and qualified practitioners. All the clinical staff at CHS, including our psychologists and psychiatrists, are trained psychotherapists.

Psychoanalyst: a person trained in psychoanalysis: a school of psychology and a method of treating mental disorders based upon the teaching of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939).